Kirsty Magarey

I am taking the MS Mighty Swim challenge!

I'm raising money to support people living with multiple sclerosis! I’m inspired by the work the MS Society SA & NT do for people living with MS, and I want to help them make a difference! Please sponsor me today by giving whatever you can. Every little bit will help me reach my fundraising goal! 

The more people that know about the MS Society, the greater the impact. So please spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you for your generous support, it means a lot!

My Updates

OK this is getting serious …

tho I don’t know why the photo keeps going crooked.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Paul White

Good luck!!


Steph & Peter

Go Kirsty! 🐟


Elizabeth Evatt

Hi Kirsty, sorry I cant join you. Have a good swim.


Lloyd & Jacci

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming


Diane Spooner



Therese Egar

You go girl! Fantastic Kirsty X


Joshua Magarey

I hereby donate my 4K swim proceeds!!


Mary Anne Neilsen

Go KM. You’re amazing.


Maire Pompe

much love and congrats for your mighty swim. Will call at last maire


Hoy Megan

Go Kirst! I’d join you for laps if I could. Lots of love


Alison Aggarwal

Go Kirsty, we're all behind you!


David Worner

More swimming...more better! Xx


Ingrid Mckenzie

Go Kirst!


Joel Magarey

Go Kirsty you legend!


Sean E Magarey

Go Kirsty, tomorrow! Josh has started swimming planning to do 40 laps today!


Joan Sheedy

Go for it !πŸ‘


Libby Bunyan

All the best Kirst. Unleash the inner shark.


Lara Geach

Woo hoo go you good thing! XxπŸ‘πŸ‘


Thomas Magarey

Yay Mum. More to come next year!


M Biddin*ton

Woohoo! So pleased you are still so committed to this Kirsty. It’s fantastic.